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International Music Exams Features

This new online platform allows students to submit their music examinations via video and be assessed remotely by specialised examiners around the world. Candidates may present graded music from their favourite syllabus and enrolments are accepted from all countries in local currencies. The enrolment fees for International Music Exams are around 50% lower than traditional music exams putting the beneficial experience of a music exam within reach of more students.

Music Exams by Video

International Music Exams are submitted by prerecorded video. Students are able to record their performance multiple times before enrolling in a music exam and then submit their favourite take and be assessed on their best work. The process of fine-tuning a recording forms an important part of exam preparation and as well as being an essential part of music practice. Before submitting their work, students can listen to and watch their recordings to help to nurture the vital musical skill of self-observation. International Music Exams gives the student the best possible opportunity for success, allowing students to not only improve their music but also nurture their self-esteem and confidence by using a system that allows them to present themselves at their best.

Choose Your Venue

International Music Exams can be performed and recorded anywhere — from home, school, on stage or wherever the students are most comfortable. A comfortable and familiar environment can really help a student focus on the music rather than be distracted by their surroundings. More focus on their music and less distraction can ultimately bring a student closer to their musical potential. As their confidence grows and students mature as musicians, they could even choose to record and present their exam live from the stage. This can further broaden their experience and gives them a real-world environment in front of an audience. Presenting music online is also now an essential skill for any musician.

Choose Your Enrolment Date and Time

A unique feature of International Music Exams is the ability to choose your own date and time for the exam enrolment. This allows students to enrol only when they are completely ready. It is hard to overstate what a different experience this is. Can you imagine what would happen if the student enrols and submits their exam only when they are ready? It helps to provide a fundamental shift in the capability for students to reach their potential.

Optional Technical Work

Technical work is a fundamental aspect of developing music skills but presenting these exercises in an exam is not for every student. At International Music Exams, technical work is optional. In collaboration with the teacher, the students may choose either to present technical work or not. The technical work can also be adapted to the needs of each student, with the students presenting a program that is suited individually to their development needs.

Security and Privacy

Privacy forms an important part of the International Music Exams features. With secure user accounts, exam recordings can be hidden from public view and member details remain private, visible only to the International Music Exams team. Even during the assessment, examiners have access to the videos but only know the first name of the candidate, they don’t know the teacher or the school which allows a high level of objectivity to be achieved by our expert examiners.

Connecting Teachers and Students

Examiner reports and assessment are finalised within days by the examiner and are immediately available to the candidates. Students may also choose to link their exam to their teacher’s account so that everyone involved can stay up-to-date with the exam process. A useful part of being examined by video is that the assessment and recording may be used afterwards as a learning tool. Teachers can watch back the exam performance with their students and together explore specific comments made by the examiner. Teachers with a free account at International Music Exams have access through ‘My Account’ to track the progress of linked students over time, view exam results and download certificates and assessments.

Music Exams Guarantee

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on every students’ first exam if you are not satisfied, which gives you peace of mind when trying our new service.

International Music Exams offers an innovative range of music exams features unique to this platform, building on the traditions established by the AMEB, ABRSM and Trinity College.


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