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About Teacher Registration

About Teacher Registration

Ultimately, it is the music teacher responsible for the success of their students in their International Music Exams.

MUSX has an option that allows a student to link their individual music exam to the account of their teacher. To enable this capability, both the student and the teacher must be registered users. The Teacher ID, which is created on sign-up can be given to the student at the time of enrolment to create this link.

The link between a student’s exam and the teacher will enable the teacher to view results, download certificates and examiner’s reports. Over time, this will build an observable historical record of the progress made by the students.

If a student enrols with a different teacher in the future, the record of earlier exams is preserved.


Key Features and Benefits

Positive experience

International Music Exams is structured to give the student the best possible opportunity for success. Students gain self-esteem and confidence by using a system that allows them to present themselves at their best in their own environment.

Online Presentation

The opportunity for students to gain experience presenting their music online in a secure environment overseen by musical experts. In this digital age, this is an essential skill for any musician.

Choose Your Own Date and Time

Choose your own date and time allowing students to enrol only when they are completely ready. This can really help to improve student results compared to having set closing dates and random exam times.

Choose Your Venue

Perform and record the exam from home, school, on stage or wherever the students are most comfortable. This gives young musicians a familiar environment helping them play at their best.

As their confidence grows and students mature as musicians, they can choose to record and present their exam from the stage.

Secure and Private

With secure user accounts, exam recordings can be hidden from public view and member details remain private, visible only to the International Music Exams team.


Optional Technical Work

Students must submit 3 pieces, but technical work is an optional extra. That is up to the teacher and student to decide together, depending upon the specific needs of each student.

Truly International Exams

International Music Exams accepts enrolments from all countries. Anywhere, anytime.

Examiner Reports

Reports and assessment are finalised within days by the examiner and are immediately available. Students may choose to link their exam to their teacher's account.


Start your journey into online music with support and guidance from our professional team of musicians at International Music Exams.

Whether you are destined for the stage or to become the next YouTuber, get relevant feedback on your performance in your chosen environment.

Exam Statistics for teachers

Registered teachers have access through 'My Account' to track the progress of linked students over time, view exam results and download certificates and assessments.

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